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  • BlueFang® Electronic Fence Kit includes the BlueFang® 4 in 1 training collar
  • BlueFang® electronic fence kit components include the collar, two sets of contact points (long and short hair versions), transmitter, mounting hardware, wire, flags and ac adapter
  • Pulsed Proportional Stimulus increases correction the closer the dog gets to the boundary wire..
  • BlueFang® waterproof collar is controlled by downloading a free app on your smartphone
  • App works with iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Smartphone uses signals to control and teach behavior
  • More than one collar can be controlled with the same app, allowing multi-dog families the option to set "rules" based on each dog's behavior and temperament (purchase of additional collar/collars required)
  • Optional rechargeable battery backup allows system to continue to work during power outages
  • Optional extra collar replacement batteries available in packs of two or four at checkout

BlueFang® Electronic Fence Kit With 4 in 1 Training Collar

0.02 LBS

    Our BlueFang® Electronic Fence Kit With 4 in 1 Training Collar provides remote training, bark control, fitness tracking and containment all from one comfortable, lightweight collar. Merely download an application to your smartphone and you can control all four functions.


    • Recommended for pets over 5 pounds
    • Waterproof collar strap is 24” long and weighs a mere 2 ounces
    • Uses replaceable BF-3V batteries (included)
    • Option to add additional collar batteries available at checkout
    • Download the free “BlueFang Dog Collar” app with your iPhone or Android phone in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    • Works on all iPhones model 4S or higher and Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and Kitkat operation systems (the latest Samsung Galaxy, Note 4 and Motorola Droid is recommended)
    • Automatic firmware updates are included in downloads, so if new features are added, they will be uploaded automatically for as long as you own the collar


    • Training range is up to 400 feet
    • Helps control barking, chewing, digging, jumping, chasing cars, etc
    • Non-invasive microphone and a unique sensing algorithm that detects your dog’s bark without false triggering
    • Harmless corrective stimulus - you can adjust the intensity and duration of the 3 stimulus levels to suit the desired behavior correction
      • Stop only nuisance barking
      • Stop all barking
      • Stop barking and howling
    • 6 positive training tones (a warning tone and 5 increasing stimulus levels), each associated with a different command to teach your dog desired behaviors (sit, stay, come, etc)
    • Built-in special mode detects and stops howling
    • Can be set to sound only, shock only or sound plus shock
    • Bark collar has an anti-intruder mode that recognizes and allows intruder/emergency barking if you set it to do so
    • Your phone controls an unlimited number of collars, so if you have multiple pets to train, just order more collars
    • Stimulus can be customized for each individual dog when more than one collar is being used, so each dog’s collar is completely customized to them
    • Built-in “time outs” so your dog will never be over-stimulated


    • Input your dog’s breed, gender, height & weight and the app calculates your dog’s BMI and tells you your dog’s fitness level
    • Collar’s built-in sensors track your dog’s activity so you know how much exercise he is getting (or lack thereof)
    • Use the date to develop an exercise program to keep your dog fit and healthy (and you, too)
    • Charts within the app tell you the actual energy burn each hour, day, week, month and year


    • Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System delivers sound and static stimuli in short, high intensity bursts that increase as your dog moves closer to the boundary wire
    • System automatically adjusts the stimulus intensity to the exact level based on your dog’’s individual behavior
    • Your dog is reliably contained without unnecessary over-stimulation
    • Additional collars can be added for multiple pet families
    • Waterproof, indoor or outdoor mountable transmitter:
      • Coded digital signal
      • Alerts you with a flashing warning lamp and a loud audible alarm if your wire breaks or becomes disconnected
    • Fully illuminated status panel:
      • Tells you at a glance the operating status of your system
      • Continuously monitors overall system status, back-up battery condition, power mode (ac or dc) and wire loop continuity
    • Audible and visual wire break alarms
    • Power boost switch
    • Variable field width control
    • Optional, rechargeable battery backup available at checkout:
      • Keeps your system operational during a power outage
      • Automatically recharges when power is restored


    • One waterproof, smartphone controlled BlueFang® dog collar:
      • Contains your pet
      • Can be used for remote training, bark control and activity tracking
    • One transmitter
    • 500 feet of Ultra Wire:
      • Custom engineered for ultimate pet containment system performance
      • Designed for both underground and above ground installation
      • Made from high-quality solid-core copper wire with an extra thick insulation material resistant to ultraviolet sunlight, moisture, corrosion and stress
    • 50 flags
    • AC adapter for transmitter
    • 2 short hair collar probes
    • 2 long hair collar probes
    • Mounting hardware

    The Bluefang® Electronic Fence Kit with 4 in 1 Training Collar was specifically designed to take advantage of today’s smart phone technology. Whether you are teaching/modifying a behavior, working with bark issues, need to get your overweight dog back in shape or need to contain them in a certain perimeter, the system can be programmed to fit your specific needs. The fact that the phone app can control multiple collars is perfect for multi-dog families needing to train for different behaviors and for varying strength corrections.


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