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  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket shown with yellow edging
  • Graphic showing how much heat is drawn from your dog's coat when wearing the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket either dry or wet.
  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket yellow lycra edging fabric
  • Casual Style Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket Size Chart
  • How to measure for your Chillybuddy cooling jacket
  • Cotton Mesh Inner Lining creates the evaporative process on the Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket. It can be used dry or wet for greater cooling power in higher temperatures.
  • Chillybuddy cooling jacket with standard yellow/green edging showing how the d-ring is incorporated ONLY ON the super petite petite, extra small and small coats. Larger sizes do not have the d-ring.
  • How the Chillybuddy cooling jacket fits
  • Chillybuddy cooling jacket comes with built-in harness hook ONLY ON super petite, petite, extra small and small sizes.
  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket shown with yellow edging - new edging is more yellow-green
  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket shown with yellow edging
  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket with custom red edging is no longer available.
  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket on a hot Arkansas boy in red custom edging (no longer available).
  • Chillybuddy cooling Jacket with custom blue edging (no longer available)
  • Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket with custom blue edging (no longer available)
  • Bentley ready for a motorcycle ride with Mom in her own Human Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket.  Unfortunately, we don't make the human version for sale.  It was my experiment.
  • Whiskey Bear  in Florida sporting his jacket with custom blue edging (no longer available)
  • Schatzie from Virginia sporting his Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket
  • Bentley from Kentucky sporting his Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket
  • Bandit from Virginia sporting his Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket
  • Gretel from Kentucky in her custom Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket.

Chillybuddy Cooling Jacket Vest - Casual Style

0.50 LBS

    Our Chillybuddy™ Cooling Jacket Vest - Casual Style was created for a rescued Australian Shepherd named Buddy who loved outdoor treks but disliked the intense heat of direct sun.

    SUCCESSFULLY FIELD TESTED in the mountain terrain of Wyoming & hunting fields of Nebraska, by FEMA Urban SAR Dogs during Katrina and on the 2017 expedition in search of Amelia Earhart.


    • Works from the moment you put it on your pet
    • Shields from direct sunlight (no more sunburned skin)
    • Protects coats of show dogs from sun bleaching
    • On a 90° F day, Chillybuddy can lower the coat temperature almost 30%
    • Soak in water before use & it lowers coat temperature by a further 20 degrees
    • Especially useful for breeds with long-hair, dark coats & dogs prone to Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome


    • Outer layer constructed of durable, highly reflective & visible, Aluminet greenhouse solar shade cloth (reflects light & heat away from dogs body)
    • Casual style for dogs NOT engaging in rugged outdoor activity (see our sport version for working dogs who need chest protection)
    • Lightweight, making it ideal for boating/water activities
    • Cotton mesh lining for air flow (also acts an an insulator, blocking infrared heat from being reflected by the outer fabric back to the dog's body)
    • Soft, comfortable stretchy belly strap
    • Adjustable velcro closures on tummy & neck
    • Leash hole & D-Ring on Super Petite to Small sizes allowing it to function as a harness
    • Leash hole & collar strap on M-XXL
    • 9 Sizes (refer to our size chart for measurements)
    • Custom sizes available specific to your dogs measurements if they don't fit within our standard measurements
    • Neon yellow edging for high visibility (other colors shown in photos are now discontinued)
    • Weighs less than 1 pound
    • Hand wash cold water; line dry
    • Hand made in the USA - allow 7 business days for fabricatioin


    • You must measure your dog & compare those measurements to our size chart
    • If your measurements don't match a standard size, YOU NEED A CUSTOM (ie neck is one standard size & girth is a different standard size)
    • Bulldogs, Pugs, Teacups, & dogs with unusual neck or girth sizes or extra long back lengths NEED CUSTOM SIZES
    • Returns because of wrong size selection cost you money & your pet is without heat protection during the exchange, so BE SURE TO MEASURE ACCURATELY
    • Custom jackets are generally made in 7-10 business days (sometimes less) & we do them all the time
    • Unsure? Email us or call for help. That's why we're here.

    ALSO AVAILABLE IN A SPORT VERSION:  featuring a stronger chest protector for active/working dogs such as SARS, police K9 units, bird dogs etc.  These jackets provide additional chest protection from brush, briars & debris.

    USES INCLUDE: K-9 Working Dogs, rescue & adoption groups, hiking, boating, farms & ranches, beach, desert, poolside, fishing, hunting, outdoor events (obedience, agility, kids athletic games), bicycling, walking, jogging ...anywhere your dog will be exposed to excessive heat/sunlight.

    CANADIAN & AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS:  We are not set up to calculate shipping outside the USA.  We CAN ship to you.  Just email us your shipping address and we will get a quote for you.  Generally, this is in the $10-15 US dollar range.

    PERFECT PET GIFTS for friends, family, holidays & new pets! Turn your hot, miserable Buddies into Chilly Dogs with our Chillybuddy™ Cooling Jacket Vest - Casual Style.


    Chilly Buddy -- (02:56)
    Chilly Buddy. Dog Cooling Jacket. Protection from the sun and thermal overheating for dogs.
    • Chilly Buddy --
      Chilly Buddy. Dog Cooling Jacket. Protection from the sun an...

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    1. My Best Friend's New Best Friend  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 24th Jul 2017

      I have an older dog that has spinal arthritis. When she is out in direct sunlight the heat from the sun effects how she feels. This jacket reflects back the sunlight and heat and she is able to walk a lot further than she has been.

      There is a definite difference in the temperature on her head verses her back. I should have purchased this years ago for her. (could you make one with a hood?)

      I recommend this for dogs of any color not just dark ones.

      She does look like she's about to walk on the moon, but she is so much happier being outside.

    2. Super effective!  star rating

      Posted by Jen on 7th Aug 2015

      I love this jacket - it truly keeps the dogs way cooler on a hot sunny day! I am way more comfortable walking the dogs in warmer temps when they're wearing these.

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