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  • Alarm with the set sensor charging.
  • Housebreaker Alarm
  • Back of alarm with on/off switch and "training" reset button.
  • The attachment sleeve shown with two attachment clips in place.
  • How it works.  Simple and easy to start housebreaking your pet.
  • Benefits of using The Housebreaker Kit.

Housebreaker Indoor Potty House Training Kit

1.00 LBS

    The Housebreaker Indoor Potty House Training Kit prevents accidents and helps you quickly & easily potty train your pet. Technology has literally gone to the dogs!


    • A new puppy in the household
    • Incontinent pets
    • Bitches in heat
    • Male markers
    • Vacation travel (eliminate a hotel room cleaning fee)
    • Visiting friends/family without fear of an accident
    • Untrained pets visiting you


    • Wet Sensor – highly sensitive, wireless moisture sensor fits in the attachment sleeve & senses urine within 1-2 drops and uses a microprocessor to transmit a wireless signal to the alarm
    • Alarm – senses events within 30 feet and features an adjustable sound volume, on/off switch and “training” reset button
    • Attachment Sleeve – high-tech neoprene & mesh fabric is washable & quick drying
    • Two Attachment Clips – with clutch backs to attach sensor directly against the source of urine
    • Batteries Included – last up to 3 years
    • Kit weight: 1 LB
    • User Manual and training tips
    • Unlimited Free Manufacturer Customer Support

    SPECIAL NOTE: The Housebreaker Indoor Potty House Training Kit requires the use of a diaper for female dogs or a belly band/male wrap for male dogs. See our Eco-friendly Pooch Pad Washable Diapers and Pooch Pad Washable Belly Band Wrap listings if you need these items. We suggest you order in units of two so you always have one that is clean & dry. You can use mini-pads underneath these if you like. This kit also works with disposable diaper or bands.

    HOW IT WORKS: The Housebreaker Kit helps you catch your pet in the act of trying to soil your home. The first drop of urine on the Wet Sensor causes the alarm to sound. This startles your pet (causing it to immediately stop peeing) and allows you to correct your pet’s behavior and show him or her where you want them to eliminate. You will be alerted up to a distance of 30 feet from the alarm, so if you move about the home with your pet, move the alarm with you. You can also purchase an additional alarm to increase the range of detection if you have a larger home and thick walls.


    • Use the attachment clips and the attachment sleeve to position the wet-sensor’s black strips directly against the origin of the urine stream within the belly band or diaper
    • The logo on the attachment clips should be on the OUTSIDE of the garment
    • The clutch should be between the two black paw-shaped flaps of the attachment sleeve
    • The two black paw shaped flaps will protect your pet’s skin from the back of the attachment clips, keeping him or her comfortable
    • The wet sensor should be washed gently with a mild detergent to remove any urine and allowed to dry thoroughly after each use

    With consistent use, The Housebreaker Indoor Potty House Training Kit has been proven in trials to housetrain dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. It solves the age-old problem of having pet accidents in your home. Save your floors & furniture………..and your sanity! This is much cheaper than having your carpets or furniture cleaned, so order yours today!


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