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  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate is available in four sizes and is easy to open & close making it ideal for travel.
  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate folds flat to 8" thick and features built-in carry handles and the side rails stow neatly on the top of the crate when folded.
  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate opens & closes in mere seconds and is made of sturdy .063 aluminum.
  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate - Size Small
  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate corners allow for stacking more than one unit atop one another
  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate features slam latch locks that lock as soon as the door shuts
  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate has butterfly clips keep the unit closed when collapsed - one on the small and medium sizes and two on the large and extra large sizes
  • Impact Collapsible Dog Crate folds flat for storage and features a built-in carry handle
  • Abundant ventilation in the Impact Collapsible Dog Crate which also allows great visibility for you pet, thus decreasing anxiety.
  • Small & Medium Impact Collapsible Dog Crates have one butterfly door latch
  • Large & Extra Large Impact Collapsible Dog Crates have two butterfly door latches.
  • Optional IATA airline accessory kit includes two door guards and four metal crate brackets to make it a stationary crate.
  • Optional IATA door guard shown installed on inside of door.
  • Optional IATA door guard shown installed on outside of door.
  • Optional IATA metal crate brackets (four included with kit)

Impact Collapsible Dog Crate

44.00 LBS

    Looking for a safe, secure, sturdy, virtually indestructible and fully portable dog crate? Look no further than our Impact Collapsible Dog Crate.  It's a stealth strong dog crate for home use, but when you require a crate for airline cargo transport, simply add the accessory kit to  meet the airline transport requirement.


    • American made of high quality aluminum
    • Meets IATA LAR CR-82 rules, making it compliant transportation of all dog breeds on planes when you purchase the OPTIONAL IATA Accessory Bundle that includes:
      • 4 metal crate brackets that attach in each corner, turning your crate into a stationary crate
      • 2 black Impact door guards - one for the inside of the door and one for the outside (attaches easily with screws, which are included)
      • Please note:  some airlines require that feed/water troughs and food be provided - these are not included with your crate or the IATA bundle.
    • Airline rail storage slots
    • Spring loaded transport handles for easy maneuvering
    • High quality .063 aluminum construction for durability
    • Durable tan powder coat inside and out, which also serves to reflect heat away from your pet when in the sun
    • Black door
    • Crush proof/stacking corners:
      • Provide exceptional impact protection
      • Allows multiple crates to be stacked on top of one another for multi-crate users
    • Marine grade stainless steel slam latch and hardware
    • Welded “no-rust” rivet construction
    • Smooth door features:
      • Full length piano hinge for durability
      • 3/8” round bars with a welded cross bar for extra stability/durability
    • Collapsible:
      • Folds easily (in mere seconds) to less than 8” in height for storage or easy transportation
      • Built-in handles for easy carrying when collapsed
      • Butterfly latches keep it securely closed (one on the small & medium size and two on the large & extra large size)
    • 20% lighter than comparable crates, but stealth strong and corrosion resistant
    • Exceptional air flow throughout the cage via rounded square vent holes on three sides plus the door opening
    • Ventilation holes offer superior visibility for your pet, thus decreasing stress
    • Drain holes allow for quick & easy cleaning
    • Taller cage height allows more headroom for your pet so it remains comfortable during longer flights
    • Can be used outdoors (ie, sporting events or dog shows), although the color may fade slightly over time
    • No harmful toxins, chemicals or dyes in any of the materials, including the powder coat
    • Not recommended for pets with anxiety issues or escape artist tendencies

    DOG BREEDS REQUIRED TO FLY IN A REINFORCED IATA 82 APPROVED CRATE INCLUDE: American Bully, Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Ca de Bou, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Perro de Presa Canario, Presa Canario and Tosa (or Tosa Ken), as well as any mixed breeds of these dogs.  Always check with your airlines first to be sure you meet their guidelines.


    • Small:
      • 24.5"L x 18.5"W (21-1/4"W including the side rails) x 22-3/8"H (including corners)
      • Door measures 14"H x 12"W with 3/4" bar spacing
      • Single butterfly door latch
      • Good size for most small breeds up to 18" tall
      • Weight: 30 lbs
    • Medium:
      • 30.5”L x 20.5”W (23-1/4" wide including the side rails) x 22-3/4”H (including corners)
      • Door measures 14”H x 12.5”W with 7/8" bar spacing
      • Single butterfly door latch
      • Good size for dogs up to 22” tall and up to 50 lbs
      • Weight: 35 lbs
    • Large:
      • 34.5”L x 23”W (25-3/4" wide including the side rails) x 28-3/4”H
      • Door measures 20”H x 15”W & 1-1/8" bar spacing
      • Double butterfly door latches
      • Good size for dogs up to 29” tall and up to 70 bs
      • Weight: 41 lbs
    • X-Large:
      • 40.5"L x 23"W (25-3/4" wide including the side rails) x 28-3/4"H
      • Door measures 20”H x 15”W & 1-1/8" bar spacing
      • Double butterfly door latches
      • Good size for dogs up to 29” tall and up to 100 lbs
      • Weight: 45 lbs


    • Durable Cordura nylon construction with 40 oz. truck tarp reinforced corners
    • Non-toxic, therapeudic gel packs insert into insulated pockets(can be chilled or heated)
    • Water and mildew resistant, making it ideal for use outdoors
    • Can be used as a stand-alone pillow top mat when not used in the crate


    • Grey
    • Tan


    • Small:
      • Measures 18” x 24”
      • Includes one 10” x 15” gel pack
    • Medium:
      • Measures 22” x 30”
      • Includes two 10” x 15” gel packs
    • Large:
      • Measures 28” x 41”
      • Includes three 10” x 15” gel packs

    In an abundance of caution, please mark the crate measurements on a piece of cardboard or paper and put your dog on it to see if he/she can lay and turn comfortably in the space before deciding on a crate size.  Sales are final on these crates.  No returns are allowed.

    Our Impact Collapsible Dog Crate will look and perform great in your truck, SUV, car or RV, as well as in your home. It’s perfect for transporting your sporting dog to events, your larger dog to the Vet, rescue organizations transporting dogs to their forever homes or globe trotting in an airliner. Safe, secure, piece of mind. Get yours today!


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