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  • Shooting Range Protection is easily handled by wearing Mutt Muffs
  • Mutt Muffs sizing guideline - overall circumference measurement of your dog's noggin at the largest point is the best determination of size.  Circumference is the measurement that would create a circle by going across the top of the dog's head, over the ears and then under the chin.
  • Mutt Muffs dimensions by size
  • Mutt Muffs provides comfort from loud fireworks
  • Mutt Muffs deadens noise and discomfort from air flight (no, he's not a Wing Walker)
  • Mutt Muffs deadens sounds from loud motorcycle pipes for Motorcycle Mutts
  • Race Track and Off-Road Noise Protection provided by Mutt Muffs
  • Mutt Muffs being used to deaden loud automotive racing noise
  • Mutt Muffs being used to deaden grooming noises
  • Mutt Muffs color options - pink, blue and red

Mutt Muffs Pet Ear Protection

Mutt Muffs
2.00 LBS

    Our pilot-inspired Mutt Muffs hearing protection gear for dogs is not only for frequent flying/traveling four-legged companions, but also for hearing protection from any venue where loud noise is a factor - including our motorcycle riding canines.

    Hearing is second in your dog's keenest senses, so if noise bothers you, it REALLY bothers them! After heredity, long exposure to loud noise is the biggest contributor to pet deafness. Our Mutt Muffs reduce the noise, thereby reducing the threat to hearing loss.


    • Works for dogs & cats
    • Comfortable & lightweight (1.5 to 5.8oz)
    • Fits over the head just like human headsets
      • For long-eared pets, let the flap of the ear hang below the seal
      • For erect ears (unless they're cropped & won't fold), ears should be folded down to cover the ear opening
    • Great for Search & Rescue dogs to keep dirt & debris from lodging in their ear canals, as well as muffling noise as they are flown to their missions
    • Adjustable straps for optimum fit (when adjusted properly they can't be shaken off the head)
    • Wide, foam-filled ear seals for maximum comfort
    • Engineered to meet the contour of a dog's head
    • Inner sound-deadening foam is the same density found in pilots high-end headsets
    • Estimated 20 Db reduction
    • Includes a black drawstring carrying case for storage
    • Made to order and ships within 3 business days


    • General aviation cockpits
    • Motorcycle pipes & rallies (yes, we have a lot of canines out there on motorcycles)
    • Shooting Ranges (K-9 police dogs need hearing protection during shooting courses & qualifications)
    • Lawn mowers
    • Speed boats
    • Racing venues
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Hair dryers (great for grooming challenged pets)
    • Fireworks
    • Thunderstorms
    • Construction sites
    • Anywhere loud noise disturbs your pet

    MEASUREMENT HINT:  The overall circumference measurement of our dog's noggin at the largest point is the best determination of size, because if you choose a size too large, the muffs won't seal well against your dogs head and you lose all the sound-reducing properties you were needing.  Your dog's weight is also a good indicator of which size to choose.  

    MRI NOTICE:  If your pet is having an MRI, please let us know in the comments section so we can be sure to replace the metal chin strap closure with a plastic one.

    SIZES/MEASUREMENTS/WEIGHTS: Click on the size chart in our photo string for sizing guidelines. Measure carefully to avoid return/replacement shipping fees.

    • X-Small: Dog Weight: 5-10 lbs; Head Circumference 7-9"; Weighs 1.5oz
    • Small: Dog Weight: 10-20 lbs; Head Circumference 9-13"; Weighs 1.7 oz
    • Medium: Dog Weight: 20-50 lbs; Head Circumference 13-18"; Weighs 3.0 oz
    • Large: Dog Weight 50-95 lbs; Head Circumference 18-23"; Weighs 4.0 oz
    • X-Large: Dog Weight 95 lbs and up; Head Circumference 23" and up; Weighs 5.8 oz

    COLORS AVAILABLE:  Blue, Pink & Red require a couple extra days to ship because they are custom coated with a special primer and three coats of Krylon Fusion paint, made especially to product a long-lasting, lustrous and beautiful finish.

    • Black
    • Blue 
    • Pink
    • Red


    • Pets should always be supervised while wearing Mutt Muffs
    • Use extreme caution outdoors or in any situation where the inability to hear all sounds might present a safety risk

    Don't let your pets be deafened by loud noises. Protect their ears with Mutt Muffs today. 

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