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  • Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet in Small
  • Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet is a cat's best friend
  • Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet in Medium
  • Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet in Large
  • How the system works
  • Pee Pod Package includes 7 biodegradable collection box liners and a bottle of Wet Sponge crystals with scoop. When used, it turns urine into a gel that can be disposed of in the trash.
  • Eco-friendly Enzyme Cleaner can be purchased for cleaning the grass and interior of the Pet Loo
  • Synthetic grass features drain holes so urine drains into the collection box, which removes for easy emptying
  • Synthetic grass closeup
  • Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet is available in three sizes
  • Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet can be used in covered outdoor areas
  • Large being used outdoors under a covered porch

Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet

10.00 LBS

    The Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Pet Toilet works for dogs, cats and other small pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits or ferrets. It’s ideally suited to high rise condos and apartments. No more long waits at the elevator for potty time, and no chance of injury to joints from large flights of stairs.


    • Can be used indoors and outdoors
    • Hygienic, convenient, simple and environmentally friendly
    • Portable, so you can take it anywhere
    • Ideal for potty training and for times when you can’t let your pet out (darn that late night at the office or the thunderstorm at midnight)
    • Great alternative for aging pets with weak bladders who have to go frequently
    • Eliminates the need to use annoying puppy pads (and how many of those has your dog ripped to shreds?)
    • Specially designed synthetic grass feels natural to your pets paws, so it is easy to train them to use the “loo”
    • No wet paws because of the drainage system
    • Grass is held in place with plastic clips
    • Reinforced plastic base easily supports pets weight (supports up to 650 lbs - but NO dog weighs that much!)
    • Base is slightly angled so grass does not sit in liquid waste
    • Grass is designed to allow urine to flow through to the base and into the collection receptacle
    • Collection/waste container catches the urine and removes easily for cleanup/emptying
    • Waste container holds 2 liters of liquid and is made from an odor reducing material
    • Disposable OR washable/reusable training pads could be added to the collection receptacle, as well, if you prefer
    • Alternate uses include:
      • RV’s, travel trailers & boats
      • Office
      • Patio
      • Vacations - take to the hotel and save the cleaning fee for an “accident” (that pays for the unit!)
      • Visiting family
      • Nursing homes & assisted living facilities that allow resident pets or therapy pet visits
    • For pets that like to “circle,” we recommend sizing up so they have room to "go"
    • Easy to clean - just wipe the exterior with warm water
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty


    • Packaged in units of seven pods (biodegradable containers that fit inside the catchment tray) plus the Wee Sponge Powder (crystals that absorb over 100X their weight in moisture) and scoop
    • Biodegradable container fits neatly inside the waste container of the Pet Loo
    • When urine touches the Wee Sponge Powder, it solidifies into a gel, trapping liquids and airborne odors
    • Each Pee Pod holds about 2 liters of liquid
    • Dispose the pod and replace it as needed
    • Packs last about 21-28 days, depending on how often your pet uses the Pet Loo and how many pets will be using it
    • Option to add multiple sets is available at checkout
    • We advise against using these if the unit will be used outside in an uncovered area (for obvious reasons)


    • Small - 17.7” x 20.8” x 3.75"H - weighs 10 lbs.
    • Medium - 24” x 24” x 5.5”H- weighs 14 lbs.
    • Large - 33” x 33” x 5.5" - weighs 15 lbs.

    OPTIONAL REPLACEMENT GRASS AVAILABLE:  Comes in handy when you are cleaning your grass

    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large


    • Recommended Pet Loo cleaner
    • Natural enzyme-based formula removes odors & stains without leaving dirt, bacteria or residue behind
    • 16 ounce bottle
    • Made in the USA
    • Chemical-free

    The Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Toilet is your backyard in a box. No more trips outside in inclement weather or in the middle of the night. No more carpet stains or messy potty pads. It’s portable, so they can “go” where you go! Problem solved!


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