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  • Pro models 3000, 4000 and 4500 feature four crossbars on the door and four spring loaded handles
  • Model 5000 includes 5 crossbars on door and four handles (not shown)
  • How the Optional Airline Rails look when installed (two included)
  • Optional Airline Rail Kit
  • Stainless steel lock and deadbolt covers that are included with the Optional Airline Rail Kit
  • Optional Drain Thru Flooring
  • Optional Chew Protector protects the edges of the optional Drain Thru Flooring
  • Optional Casters (set of four with mounting brackets)
  • Optional Crate Cover
  • Optional Grooming Top
  • Optional Grooming Top non-slip material
  • Optional Show Ring Package includes adjustable/removable grooming arm and bracket
  • Optional Show Ring Package grooming arm shown on top of Optional Grooming Top
  • Spring loaded handles won't rattle against the crate
  • Stainless steel Locking Slam Latch (two included on Model 5000)

Zinger Escape Artist Professional Aluminum Dog Crates

31.00 LBS

    Our Zinger Escape Artist Professional Aluminum Dog Crates offer incredible strength at one third the weight of steel. These models include many upgrades to our Deluxe Zinger Crate. Since the door is consistently the weakest point that dogs generally target for escape, reinforcement bars, welds, bracing and a secondary locking plate to the door frame ensure your dog cannot break out of these crates.  The manufacturer is so confident that they offer a 90 Day "No Escape" money back warranty.  If you have replaced crate after crate and still can't keep your dog confined, this is the crate for you and it will be the last one you have to buy!


    • Proudly made in the USA
    • Manufactured from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum for extreme durability and strength, yet light enough to be lifted by one person with little effort
    • Easily portable, making them perfect for use in your vehicle, home or business
    • Stainless steel deadbolt and lock covers are included, so this is the crate for Houdini dogs who often break out of their cages
      • The lock cover mounts on the inside of the crate with the same hardware used for the Slam Lach and protects the Latch
      • The Deadbolt Cover mounts on the inside of the crate and protects the area where the deadbolt slides into
    • Stainless steel, flush mounted, key lockable slam latch and mounting hardware for durability, corrosion resistance and peace of mind that your dog cannot be removed from the crate in your absence – two keys included
    • Superior ventilation - air passes freely through the open design door aided by the triple rows of lower and upper vent holes on the crate sides and back, quickly dissipating heat inside the crate
    • Four heavy duty carry handles (with a built-in spring that keeps them from rattling against the crate wall) are included
    • Airline travel approved:
      • When our optional "Airline Rails" are installed, it is IATA 82 compliant for shipping your dog by air
      • Exceeds the strength and ventilation requirements of most airlines
      • Will not break by rough handling or shifting cargo loads, thereby safeguarding your dog en-route
    • Modular design allows multiple crates to be coupled side by side or stacked atop one another to form multiple dog crate systems or kennel banks, making them the perfect choice for trainers, groomers, boarding facilities and K9 owners
    • Beautiful and durable “Silver Hammertone” powder coat finish both inside and out:
      • Finish is "baked on" so that it will not wear off
      • By powder coating the inside, it protects your dogs coat from discoloration (untreated aluminum crates oxidize and the residue rubs off onto the dog resulting in dark marks on their coat)
      • This is a bonus for those of you who plan to use these crates for dog shows, grooming competitions, grooming salons or boarding kennels
    • Heavy Duty Door Features:
      • Fully vented for good air flow
      • Reinforced with 4 solid crossbars (5 on the PX5000 model)
      • Welded and braced for extra strength and security
      • Full length piano hinge and striker plate
      • Can be easily reversed to allow left or right hand opening, depending on how you will place and unload the crate
    • 1 year manufacturers warranty for manufacturing defects, excluding metal and paint damage from dog scratching, biting, drooling, urination, etc.
    • 90 Day “No Escape” Money Back Warranty; does not cover dogs escaping due to improper installation and closure of door, locks and lock covers
    • Ships knocked down to keep shipping costs low, but requires only 30 minutes or less to assemble
    • Canadian shipments are available; email us with your postal code for shipping quotes


    • PR3000-2-FD: 21”W x 24”H x 30”L; weighs 31 lbs; best suited to dogs up to 80 lbs; door has one slam latch and 4 crossbars
    • PR4000-2-FD: 24”W x 28”H x 36”L; weighs 37 lbs; best suited to dogs up to 100 lbs; door has one slam latch and 4 crossbars
    • PR4500-2-FD: 24”W x 30”H x 38”L; weighs 40 lbs; best suited to dogs up to 120 lbs; door has one slam latch and 4 crossbars
    • PR5000-2-FD: 28”W x 32”H x 40”L; weighs 52 lbs; best suited to dogs up to 150 lbs; door has two slam latches and 5 crossbars 


    • Caster Wheels & Brackets: set of four 3” red polyurethane tires that are molded onto a hard rubber hub with brackets that install in pre-drilled holes (you want these if you are going to use this crate in airports or dog shows/competitions). Each tire swivels and locks. Double action braking stops wheel and swivel with one easy movement of the engagement lever. Roller bearings keep the crate moving smoothly. Useful when on inclines and when your hands are full. The heavy duty construction of the corner bracket acts to protect your crate from damage as it makes its way through airports, show rings and rough handling baggage handlers. Universal fit for all sizes of crates. Wheels easily remove when needed (without tools) and the crate and attached brackets sit flat on the floor. Of all available options, this is the handiest!
    • Airline Travel Kit: includes air travel rails, lock and deadbolt covers, “Live Animal” labels, carrying handles, food/water bowls and ID tag, making the crate IATA 82 compliant.
    • Drain Thru Flooring is great for those of you who hunt, do water rescue or enjoy the beach/lake/dock diving with your dog. The mat is made from a rigid rubber compound and its ¾” thickness means dogs will have a hard time bending and chewing it. It raises your dog up off the floor above water/urine to keep your pet dry. The open design allows liquid to pass through to the crate pan and also improves air flow beneath your dog to improve drying time. Bleach can be used to clean and sterilize it as necessary. If you have a dog who chews/paws at mats, you might want to consider the Chew Protector option to safeguard your investment.
    • Chew Protector – protects the corners/sides of the Drain Thru Flooring with an aluminum “frame” in case you have a dog who tends to dig, scratch and paw at the crate floor. It provides a 1” overhang and prevents the mat from being lifted up by your dog. Channels are pre-cut and pre-drilled and use the same hole screws and hole configuration used to assemble the crate, so no drilling is required. To remove it for cleaning, merely pull it up from the middle and bend it out. No need to remove the framework.
    • Crate Covers are fabricated from silver “Sportlight” PVC coated nylon (to match the crates hammertone finish) and provides protection from sun, rain, snow & wind and features zippered door and side windows to allow you to control the amount of ventilation inside the crate. Reinforced corners at stress points and a 6” x 6” PVC mesh screen is installed on the back of the crate cover to allow a minimal amount of air to flow into the crate at all times.
    • Grooming Top – provides a solid, rubberized “pebble textured” non-slip top surface for your dog. Attractive aluminum trim is riveted around the edge of the crate to keep it permanently in place. This option is ideal for grooming competitions and show dog owners, as well as do-it-yourself home groomers.
    • Grooming Show Ring Package – includes the Grooming Top with aluminum trim PLUS the adjustable, foldable grooming arm and grooming arm bracket that attaches to the side of the crate

    NOTES ABOUT SHIPPING A DOG VIA AIRLINE TRANSPORT: Depending on the dog breed, an airline may demand special requirements in addition to IATA 82 standards. Be sure to check with your airline FIRST. One of the most important considerations when selecting your Zinger Crate is SIZE. Your crate must be large enough to ensure that your dog can stand up and have sufficient space to turn around. It must be able to do so without difficulty. Airlines have the right to refuse to fly your dog if the crate is deemed to be too small, so be prepared and know your obligations before purchasing your crate and scheduling your flight. If unsure, mark the crate measurements on newspapers and place your dog inside the markings. Have him/her lay down, then see if they can turn around easily in the space you have measured off. If not, size up one size. If your dog is still growing, take that into consideration when deciding on a size, as well.

    Whether you have working dogs, show dogs, sporting dogs or you transport dogs for rescue organizations, our Zinger Escape Artist Professional Aluminum Dog Crates will get them to and from their destinations safely and comfortably. And if it’s storm anxious dogs or destructive dogs in your pack you need to corral safely, this is the crate for them. It will be the last crate you will need to buy and the only crate you will recommend to others.


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